WordPress: By The Numbers

By Chris J. Davis
Digital — $2.99 per chapter, Physical — $21.99

The first book from MPublishing, WordPress: By The Numbers introduces a new paradigm in tech publishing. Chapter Books.

Most people spend 50 - 60 dollars on a book that contains only 2 or 3 chapters they actually care about. But since the books are produced in toto, you are forced to pay for content you don't need. With WordPress: By The Numbers, that problem is addressed.

The book is released chapter by chapter. Each chapter will set you back $2.99. You only buy the chapters you think are applicable to your situation.

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Who is This book For?

This book is for anyone who wants to get the most out of WordPress. Both beginners and experienced users will find helpful tips, techniques and insight to make WordPress an even more powerful weapon in their arsenal.

Through easy to follow code samples, ample explanation and real world problems Chris will introduce you to the fun, sometimes dangerous, world of WordPress.

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Part 1: Instagr.am Plugin

Part 2: By The Numbers Theme

Part 3: Contributing To WordPress